Ani Shiva’s Agalya 26 (climax)

Ani Shiva’s Agalya 26 (climax)

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14 thoughts on “Ani Shiva’s Agalya 26 (climax)

  1. thanks Priya bagee..
    saw ur message just now, sorry for the late reply..
    yes certainly, situations r changing now and its more favourable for dil’s..
    read my next story, thamirabharani..expecting ur reviews..

  2. Dear Ani,

    Nice write up for a debut author. Hats off. Storyline is very simple and more realistic. Very nicely portrays the day to day struggles and challenges a daughter in law faces in her life. I have seen a similar situation in a friend’s life. But the only difference between the story and the reality is certain mother in law’s never change their character and real life husband is not like hero in this story. Having said that now a days most of the mother in laws treat their daughter in law just like her daughter too.
    Overall it’s a good read. Looking forward to more of your writing!


  3. lovely story. hats off ma. romba nalla family story. seekiram adutha story yoda vaanga

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