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Dear Chechi,
I read many reviews in point of a female reader, but oru man of point of view la unga kadhaiya nan vaasikum poluthu ablo excellent ah iruku.. be a female protagonist or the flat characters in the novel you knew how to make it perfect.. character ku kuduka vendiya importance matum ilama even flat characters like nivanth and his family his father ipdi elarumey manasuku touching ah irukanga... they left their mark :)

female character ku ninga kudukura importance shows how you value your gender.. athu rombavey positive vibes.. vaani madiri motherly love partner kiruba madiri laughing gas friend babitha oda caring nature ravali kita irukura negative romba pinpoint panama casual ah human nature kulla irukura tendency ah kaatirkinga

both kiruba and vaani stole my heart.. engayumey avanga pairs kita compromise panama they were given freedom athey madiri heroes gave them the liberty apdi ipdi nu threaten panama marriage visayam la meerat kiruba sequence la i enjoyed it really that part soothed my heart and soul.. vaani is such a sweet person when she never compromise her principles though it is man of her dreams.. seriously when girls be like this thy will be obviously the stronger souls can avoid or survive bad marriages

something is unique is u didnt describe them they r this n that instead through the story it links with our conscious and stimulate a thinking... i have seen this through one of your ardent reader through her only i read every of your stories..

issues nu ninga pesinathu neraya undu.. namma daily life la namma encounter panra vishayangal oru realistic touch oda it was good to read.... realistic touch la ninga fiction qualities appropriate aana place ku ninga kuduthurukinga.. in no way i felt out of the box...

2 major things one is about gypsy community and the other is the caste system that still exist in north nama south vida anga romba cruel... literally i will tell you when i read those parts i was just connected with the indian literature - 'the oppression' you call it as be it double or triple.. though the subject had to be serious still you balanced it very well ... it puts a smile on face even now...

the parents both meerat and kiruba i would really encourage such parenting even vaani parents.. but these both parents especially sara romba amazing it really nurtures the kids to be at their best and walk in right path...

your writing style the rhetoric style is simply superb.. though i don't know much of tamil and read it with the help of my cousin still the love for the language is increased..

something close to my heart is when vishakan realizes on avoidance of liquor.. really i appreciate the method you chose to open the blindfolded.. and the way kiruba accepts meerat like not being sympathetic or even in vaani's matter and also the way vaani embraces Mr Vaani... its a spellbound kind of reaction to see such people in the novel.. bcuz its not only about the goodie goodie or baddie baddiee.. just the human nature of both their black and white and sometimes the grey is portrayed very well..

it is a best leisure time choice to be read... way to go chechi... Kudos <3 <3
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