List of Books

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]I am Sashi Murali,books written by me are exclusively belong to me as my intellectual property and strictly confined to me and can be read only from the site, and the books are published by MS Publications with my permission. The copy right of the book is strictly confined to the author.

In some of the other websites, blogs and social media, without my knowledge and without obtaining my prior permission (my story write-ups and the published books – by the way of screen shots and scanned copies) are uploaded and rotated through private messages in those websites.
The action of displaying my write ups without my permission ( stories and novels ) are infringing my legal rights.
Hence, I hereby making caution notice, inspite of this caution notice, if anybody indulged in these kind of illegal actions like rotating my stories as soft copies, infringing my rights will be liable to prosecute against the persons in Cyber Law and face legal consequences. cyber law is applicable to all the persons let them be in any part of the world.

List of books:

1.Uyire enathu uyire

2.Kaakkai siraginile

3.Maalai pozhuthin mayakkathile



6.Chocolate pakkangal

7.Ilakkanam maarutho ilakkiyam aanatho

8.Ninaithaale inikkum

9.Kalaaba kaathalaa

10.Unakkena naan enakkena nee (ongoing)

11.Veenaiyadi Nee Enakku

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