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Maalai Pozhuthin Mayakkathile


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  1. Hi Sashi,
    I have read ur malai pozhudhin mayakathiley…. romba romba nalla irundhudhu….
    this is the first story i read urs… so wanted to read all ur other stories too… can u pls give me the links for the one which u can??? i joined this site today just to read your novels.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi mam,
    உங்கள் கதை படிப்பதற்கே இங்கு வந்துள்ளேன்.. But can’t even read single page .. Mobile version illaya… Plz help me to read ur stories… Waiting for ur reply… Will hope get a reply from u… I’m new to this site so I dono where to ask these questions .. Sorry if it is inconvince…

  3. Mam thithikkuthey novel read in the book its simply superb i liked it very much……..in this site how we read ur novel in the full screen mode pls help…iam waiting to read ur other novel

  4. Hi mam..I love ths story..dhivi charter super adha vida Sri ram…but plz caleomel link thanga…kids vachutu time kadaikurapo dha padikala mudium.. Thirupi vita page poga romba kastam ah iruku in iPad ..unga reader pava millayae konjam help panuga..


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