Tamil Novel Puthu Kavithai 4

Tamil Novel Puthu Kavithai 4

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4 thoughts on “Tamil Novel Puthu Kavithai 4

  1. Hi mam

    எனக்கு பகுதி 4 வேலைசெய்யவில்லை.உங்களால் முடிந்தால் சரி செய்ய முடியுமா.


  2. frist and second parts only open mam, 3 itself i cant open,it tells error,
    could u pls open these files
    i very much interest to read ur story fully
    so pls open these files atleast few days

  3. Very nice ud sasi. Parthi chanse la sema. I ike parthi cheracter. Vinodan penai vitukoduklanalum parthi an nandraga purindu vaithular. Sanju vala maduku ena problem varum eayrly waiting

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