Do you have any question regarding this blog? These are the frequently asked questions. Please see if your question has already been asked and answered. If not then let me know your question here, and I will answer it as soon as I can.

My comments are not getting posted in the blogs, what should I do?

There are many reasons for this problem. First, it might be because the blog is busy at the time you posted your comments. Many people might be posting comments at the same time. Please give it few minutes, and then refresh the page. Please check and see if you have so many emoticons or links in your comments. Try to minimize them and try to post your comment again. If you comment is still not posted, it might went into my spam/moderation folder for some reason. I have to accept your comment before people could see it. I will approve your comments as soon as I check my account.

I am having problems in this blog, how do I contact the blog admin?

You can let me know of your problem and can contact me via email:[email protected]

Can I post one or more stories from this blog in my website/blog?

NO, you are not allowed to post any of the stories in this blog in yourwebsite/blog, friends. It is not fair. The writer spends a lot of time and effort to write their work. It is hard for them to see their story in other website without their permission. All rights on these stories are reserved by the writers.