Fruit salad as a meal

Fruit salad as a meal

Fruit Salad as a Meal
6 portions
2 oranges, peeled
2 nectarines, peeled
1 pink grapefruit, peeled with the skin taken off
2 Pink Lady apples, pits taken out
1-2 firm, but ripe pears, pits taken out
1-2 bananas, peeled
1 small ripe papaya, peeled and pits taken out
1 pineapple, peeled
2 guavas (if available)
1 x Can grenadella pulp of 2 fresh grenadellas
10-12 Fresh mint leaves, roughly torn

Cut all the citrus fruits in segments and can even be cut in halves if proffered that way.
Cut the citrus fruits over a bowl, to catch all the juices in order to use the juice as well.
Pour some of it later over the cut apples, pears and bananas to avoid them from discoloring.
Pour the rest over the salad.
Cut the other fruit in any way you like them.
Mix the fruits just before you use them all together(mix lightly through).
Mix in mint leaves or any nuts/seeds just before it is served so that the nuts/seeds/mint can stay fresh.
1. If the fruit salad is made for a lunch box, you can then leave out the banana if you choose. Because cut banana will become over ripe and discolor.
2. Add a half to a whole avocado into the salad for lunch.

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