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Ardent reader, kirukkufying something, want to travel with characters around me.

Ani Shiva’s Keladi Kanmani 9

Veenaiyadi nee enakku 13

Hai makkale

thanks for all your likes and comments. much elated. next episode is updated.


Sashi Murali

Veenaiyadi nee enakku 12

Hai Makkale

site ilum, fb ilum comment pannina, like pannina atthanai perukkum nanri nanri 🙂 next epi is updated.please read and share your opinions.


happy reading

with love

Sashi Murali

Veenaiyadi nee enakku 11

Hai Makkale

Thanks everyone who liked and shared their opinions in the website and also on Facebook. Due to unavoidable circumstances (personal issues), I was unable to give the updates in the last few weeksEverybody will face these kinds of situations. I hope you people may understand. I strive to give updates as soon as I get free time.

Please bear with me.

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With lots of love

Sashi Murali

Veenaiyadi nee enakku 10

Monisha’s Meendum uyirthezhu 9

Ani Shiva’s Keladi Kanmani 3


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