Straight to the veins: Vitamin C shot to fight work fatigue

Vitamin C shot to fight work fatigue

Vitamin C shot to fight work fatigue Scientists may have just got the quickest and safest antidote for work-related fatigue: A shot of vitamin C in the vein.

A team of scientists in Seoul has found that high doses of intravenous vitamin C reduce fatigue significantly in office workers.Doctors in India are eager to see clinical applications of the.

“It sounds good,” says Chennai-based endocrinologist Dr V Mohan. “If longterm follow-up studies show similar results, this could mean that people working long hours can remain energetic with vitamin C shots.”

“Dr Chang H Yeom, corresponding author of the study, says this will soon be a common treatment. “Fatigue threatens our health by causing oxidative stress. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that helps you recover. It also improves your immunity,” he says, prescribing 10g-20 g of vitamin C for a dose.

While taking the vitamin orally yielded only limited results, the latest study shows intravenous administration produced the best results. Ayurvedics, meanwhile, say the study is but an extension of traditional wisdom.


“Gooseberries, which are rich in vitamin C is known for its regenerative properties ,” says Dr K T Jayakrishnan , chief medical officer of Shantha Ayurveda Hospital, Chennai. While Yeom admits the injections can cause mild diarrhoea and vascular pain, Dr Neeta Singh, biochemistry head at the AIIMS, New Delhi, feels high doses can also cause skin rashes.

courtesy:times of india